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  • Prefabricated modular data center solution

    Prefabricated modular data center solution

    To meet the rapid deployment of enterprises, flexible expansion of the demand and solve the growing business needs, Hairf launched integrated data center solution products. Integrated, green, modular design concept, which can help customers reduce the user IT system construction costs, and also can help them to rapid deployment of core business, energy efficient, easy management of a new generatio...

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  • Cooling system solution precision air conditioner

    Cooling system solution precision air conditioner

    ◆ Keep running all year round ◆ Intelligent control technology ◆ Phase sequence protection and phase sequence fault tolerance ◆ Power failure memory and auto restarting ◆ Fault detection and alarm function

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  • data center cooling system of in row precision air conditioner

    data center cooling system of in row precision air conditioner

    Precision air systems are designed for close temperature and humidity control. They provide high reliability for year-round operation, with the ease of service, system flexibility and redundancy necessary to keep the technology room up and running 24 hours a day. In row units if one of the system which we do for the cooling solution.

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  • close control air conditioner for data center

    close control air conditioner for data center

    High-tech equipment needs appropriate environment in order to operation the highest system benefit. The speedy development of mobile communication and internet network has resulted in highly complex and compact design in the electronic system of mobile communication base stations, telecom exchange centers and internet data centers which require outstanding thermal performance and preciously contro...

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  • UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies

    UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies

    ◆Support LBS synchronic control; ◆Support parallel operating and shared battery packs; ◆ All circuit boards are used in three-proofings process; ◆ Configuration EPO Emergency shutdown button; ◆ Adopt digital circulation control technology, which have high reliability for parallel operation; ◆ The subsystem adopting modular design that is easy for on-site maintenance;

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Hairf, comes from Italy, is the provider of critical power supply and cooling systems,who specialized in manufacturing precision air conditioner,UPS uninterruptible power supply,VRLA battery,STS static transfer switch,intelligent power distribution system and SPD surge protection device.



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