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Container Data Center

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Hairf container data center, here referred as HCDC, which is a new generation of data center solution. It is high performance, high availability, high density, mass extension, easy management and wide compatibility, greatly shorten customer's data center construction period and improve the efficiency of energy utilization. At the same time, it helps customers reduce construction investment and operation cost, which provide customers with good price ratio, high security products and solutions.


1. Power supply system

UPS product feature

Modular UPS, N+1 backup all power module share battery pack static switch module and power module can be online hot-swappable.

Communication interface

Any power module has the balance of input, output, and charging power distribution function.

Meeting the shipping requirements.

2. Distribution system - precision head distribution cabinet

Product feature

The integrated precision intelligent distribution cabinet is adopted to integrate the IT distribution unit, air conditioning distribution unit, UPS distribution unit and truly integrated distribution.

It also supports the monitoring of voltage, current, frequency and other information of the main road and branches, and the touch screen is not less than 7inches, which can be monitored continuously all day round.


3. Refrigeration system - Inrow precision air conditioning

Product feature

Using Inrow precision air conditioning, N+1 backup DC frequency conversation compressor DC driven EC fan.

Electronic expansion valve technology Air filtration system


4. Fire fighting system

Product feature

Flexible configuration, high reliability (emergency start/stop button, gas spraying light, sound and light alarm and hand automatically switch devices can be connected to the controller)

Functional, flexible control mode (fire alarm controller network communication to achieve remote monitoring)window, menu type display

Modular switch power supply cabinet no network of HFC-ea extinguishing device without piping system


5.Dynamic environment monitoring system

Product feature

The environment parameter acquisition sensor information (temperature and humidity, smoke, water, magnetic door etc.) directly connected to the host.

Collected monitoring parameters for UPS, precision air conditioner, intelligent power meter, video and so on.

Adopts rack data acquisition host

Desktop 3D real show modeling, according to the actual position sensor installation location of the monitoring data.


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