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HAIRF brand Uninterruptible power supply

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X6 series UPS

With nearly 30 years of technological innovation and reliability, Hairf UPS products always adhering high quality pioneering spirit of Hairf in power industry. The UPS was designed in accordance with globe requirements that can be installed in any place-from Italy to Kuwait, China to Nepal and Mexico. 

Hairf can provide high-quality power products integrated solutions for users, responsible for the design and engineering installation, to ensure the user engineering can be implemented successfully.

X6 series online UPS can meet the highest VFI-SS-111 standard among IEC62040-2 standard; this UPS series can meet all kinds of onsite requirements, adopting high reliability and high intelligent design
that have enough ability to exceed the user's expectations and provide more additional value; the sky-high input power factor and the extremely low input current distortion factor ensured the product
green and environment friendly, the higher complete machine efficiency also ensured the its skills. And the system supports more than 6 machines operating in parallel, which achieve the user's requirement of load increase and expansion upgrade.


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