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HAIRF X2 series 30kva UPS

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Advanced DSP digital control technology, guarantee high UPS performance,products
stable and quality reliable.

Zero switching time:when the city electricity is abornomal,UPS will turn to battery mode with zero time,which can effectively ensure the safety and reliability of the instruments.

Green &Environment:Meet the State Administration of electronic information products' pollution control,will cause no harm to human and envirnment under normal usage.

Frequency adaptive system: In order to meet different power system requirements, it can be set to fixed or automatic idetification to fit for 50Hz/60Hz.

Input power factor correction function enable the factor to be over 0.99 to avoid grid environment pollution,so as to save energy and decrease cost.

Wide input voltage and frequency range:Even in places where electricity environment is very bad, it can also keep stable work under utility supply mode,which decrease the number of battery discharge and prolong the service life of batteries.


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