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high frequency online tower UPS 1KVA-40KVA

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Range of application

This is Hairf X2 series UPS, it is intelligent high frequency pure online UPS, which are generally used on places required  high quality electricity such as hospital equipments, corporations, IT loading equipments, industrial computer terminals. As UPS inverter circuit always in a state of work, the stored energy of UPS can be inverted and output alternating current without switching. X2 series UPS support different types of operation systems, apply to TCP/IP local LAN and support the networking monitoring of UPS.

Product features

Support LBS synchronic control

Intelligent fan speed regulation function

Support Bypass maintenance( three phase input single phase output )

LCD display function, user friendly display interface

Three stage extensible charging design to ensure a more remarkable performance of the batteries

Powerful charging function is convenient to extense the capacity of standby batteries. Intelligent charging mode even extending battery life to cut down expenditures.

Support automatic restart function: when utility goes normal after UPS is shut down under battery mode, UPS can automatic restart.

Good technical indicators: to approximate 1 input power factor, largely decreased the pollution to utility grid and improved the use ratio of grid, so X2 UPS are real exo-type power

Support fungas proofing, moisture proofing and salt spray fog proofing


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