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In-row cooling solution precision air conditioning

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Product feature for air cooled in-row precision air conditioning:


Using the touching screen, support English version, adopts vivid graphic state and alarm guidance, support multi-channel temperature and humidity sensor, supports multi-units netword goup control, DCIM data center management software is fully compatible.

Air filter

Using upscale imported polyester synthetic fiber material, low resistance, strong fire resistance. In line with the United States ASHRAE52.2 or EN719 standards, the filter efficiency rating is G4.

Cabinet structure is flexible, standard height is 42U, and we can do customized size of 45U, 47U or other size cabinet. And we can also according to customers requirement to adjust indoor unit height and depth.

For the power supply design, HAIRF in row precision air conditioner can adopt dual power supply input. Air cooled and water cooled type unit can support dual line 380v AC input, chilled water type can support DC 240v and AC 220v dual line input, or dual line of 220v input.

Using computer aided fluid dynamics (CFD) software to simulate the design, which ensures the optional distribution of air flow in the unit and the cabinet.

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