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Precision air conditioner keep constant temperature and humidity

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The highest principle followed by Hairf in precision air conditioner design is the system's safety and reliable operations. To meet the users highest system effeciency requirements and strict environment protection requirements, HAIRF provides wide product lines to accommodate user's varied demands. Hairf air conditioner products are also characterized with compatibility and flexibility. Hairf precision air conditioners also provide compatible options of various specifications for the users to decide the system package most suitable to themselves without the trouble of site renovations.

Product feature:

High quality control componet

It strictly complies with CE and IEC standards and empowered with advanced electric control technology, it can work under a power source of 380v ±20%. In addition, it is installed with a power supply protection module, enablingit to make a selection of protective value in a range of 380v ±50%. When voltage goes beyond the selected range, it will automatically protect the unit. While the voltage become normal, it will automatically restart the unit.


An efficient evaporator made from quality material with advanced professional technology and featuring large heat exchange area and the realization of higher sensible heat factor of precision air conditioning unit.

Expansion Valve

Expansion valve adopts advanced thermal expansion valves with strong reliability and stability, it can precisely control the supply of refrigerant. In order to achieve the reduction of energy consumption for refrigeration equipment, we employ advanced electronic expansion valves in high-performance precision air conditioner units to realize less energy consumption.


An internationally advanced electrode steam humidification system under which the amount of humidification and water inflow and outflow are all controlled by computer, the auto cleaning program for the humidifier cylinder ensure normal humidification efficiency of the cylinder.


With unique frame design and black steel framework demonstrating consummate production technology, professional design and elegant apprearance, the cabinet guarantees the safety of the unit under any transport condition and operating environment.


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