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Prefabricated modular data center solution

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To meet the rapid deployment of enterprises, flexible expansion of the demand and solve the growing business needs, Hairf launched integrated data center solution products. Integrated, green, modular design concept, which can help customers reduce the user IT system construction costs, and also can help them to rapid deployment of core business, energy efficient, easy management of a new generation of data centers.海瑞弗一体化册英文版改-15.jpg

Hairf prefabricated modular data center(here referred as HMDC) integrate facilities such as Hairf precision air conditioner, dynamic ring monitoring system, UPS and battery, precision distribution, PDU and server cabinet system to help customers build flexible and efficient new generation data center.


Quickly deploy

◆ Integrated design, factory prefabricated installation, engineering products. 

◆ Site decoration requirements are low, easy to install, plug and play, greatly shorten the installation time. 

◆ Modular design, with the business development on-demand expansion, to further shorten the business on-line time.


Energy efficient

◆ Sealed channel design, compared to open design, effectively prevent the mixing of hot and cold air, energy saving effect is remarkable.

◆ Using row-level air conditioner refrigeration, heat source near-end refrigeration, to further reduce cooling loss.

◆ Using efficient modular UPS, you can achieve flexible configuration, and it can be expanded on demand.


Intelligent management

◆ Perfect alarm platform, support SMS voice alarm, local sound and light alarm, mobile side alarm, really 7*24hours unattended.

◆ Powerful reporting function, the regular state of the engine room for statistical analysis, effectively improve the operation and maintenance capabilities.


Safe and reliable

◆ Channel top skylight support fire flip linkage, easy to let external extinguishant into the channel.

◆ Critical power supply, refrigeration equipment redundant design, to ensure business uninterrupted operation


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