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Smart integrated cabinet

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Hairf micromodular cabinet system here referred as HCS, it is an integrative cabinet-type micro data center, which developed by Hairf according to the latest trend in global IT system development. It's built precision air condition, UPS, monitoring units, PDU, KVM in one cabinet or multi cabinets. The use of this system provides such advantages as: less construction investment of IT system, rapid deployment of core works, environmental friendliness and energy saving etc.


Product Features:

◆ High efficiency: efficient and energy-saving

◆ Modularity: modular UPS + battery, extendibility

◆ Intelligence, visibility: intelligent design of monitoring and management system. Isolation of internal and external module, anti-dust and dehumidification

◆ Rapid deployment: no need engineering survey, plug and play, facilitates the operation with one stop deployment

◆ Environmental and energy management, operation optimization, PUE maximum

◆ Cloud computing: network connections management, parallel or multi network

◆ Precision cooling system, energy-saving: precision cooling, central air condition needless, cost reduction

◆ Standard cabinet: standard aluminum frame structure EIA-310-D, easy installation with 5minutes

◆ All-In-One: integration of rack, air condition, UPS, PDU monitoring and on-site management system etc.


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