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UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies

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X6 online UPS features:

Support LBS synchronic control;

Support parallel operating and shared battery packs;
All circuit boards are used in three-proofings process;
Configuration EPO Emergency shutdown button;
Adopt digital circulation control technology, which have high reliability for parallel operation;
The subsystem adopting modular design that is easy for on-site maintenance;
With super load adaptability, superior overload and short circuit capability;
Adopt intelligent battery management program to extend the battery lifespan;
With comprehensive maintenance, support the way of up and down inlet wire;
With friendly man-machine interface, configured large-screen LCD touch screen and controllable keyboard that have rich information;
With intelligent system self-diagnosis program, wealthy fault records, and large capacity historical storage space;
With overlong average fault-free time (>200000h), ultra-low average maintenance time(<0.5h);
With ultra-wide input voltage and frequency range, which can adapt to harsh grid environment and adapt to a variety of generator access as well;
All fans in the system are taken redundant design, with intelligent speed control function, which greatly improves the reliability of the system;
With DSP all digital control, which makes the rectifier, inverter, charging, discharging convert link into all digital control come true;
With rich optional components: SNMP card, air filter, lightning protection module, SMS alarm, battery temperature compensation module., etc.;
Input power factor greater than 0.99, input harmonic current less than 3%, the whole equipment efficiency greater than 96%, which is environment protecting and energy efficient;
Three-phase input/three-phase output pure online dual conversion product, support 380/400/415VAC, 50/60Hz power system that provide the best power quality and load protection

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